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One of the worst feelings in the world is feeling STUCK.  Like you've just got to settle. It's a toxic, confronting feeling to know you COULD create a life that you genuinely love - yet you don't.


 Energy Workz is a 3 day event that you'll love ... if you're done with settling


Energy Workz is a dynamic, interactive event that helps you to quickly and gracefully move past the stuff that's holding you stuck, so you can begin living life on your terms.


Energy Workz helps you to create your own transformations,whether those changes are in your health, your relationships, or even in your money story.

Having said that - Energy Workz isn’t for everybody.  You need to be open-minded and willing to trust your intuition (if you have trouble with that we can help you, but you at least have to be willing, right!).

So who is it for?

 + You're wanting to be more competent in helping your family or even if you've dabbled with different energy therapies or modalities and want to bring it all together and get some clarity, while you dive deeper.

 + Visiting the doctor is not your favourite thing to do.  Ever (hehe).

 + You like to get to the bottom of things and have the ability to see the root cause, when it's necessary.

+ You know your health, your relationships, your looney tunes family (as much we love them, what is normal???), money story, your emotions - they all effect one another and you’re smart enough to know that it could be better than this.

+ You’re not into drugs and pills.

+ You’re sick of running away from problems or feeling like you're fighting a loosing battle.

+ You want a better set of tools to actually start experiencing more joy and live life on your terms.

You know you can actually have a really great life. You’re. Done. With. Holding. Back.



  The true power of purpose and intention and learn the foundations of how to clear energy, without it affecting you.

 + Learn about the Meridian system

+ The Chakras and and how to elegantly clear the lower vibrations and replace them with higher vibrations

 + The mind.  Thoughts are a very real, physical, creative force.  We’ll learn how to replace old thinking and change your story for good.

+ Understanding emotions and their implications on our entire energy system and how to find and clear them.

+ Delving deeper into the body/mind connection, we’ll uncover how to find and clear emotions for yourself and others, that are keeping you stuck or in patterns of self-sabotage. You’ll also learn about connecting with your family.

+ Clean up the Genetic baggage from your cells to your energy field

+ Boundaries! Boundaries are what protect us from invaders. Viruses, parasites, fungus, bacteria, parasitic people and parasitic energy. You’ll learn about the Cause and Effect and how to create strong boundaries.

+ Body components. We’ll look at all the different body systems e.g the cardiovascular, digestive and identifying the origin of the problems or contributing factors and how to clear them!

+ Nutrients, Essential Oils, tools for healing.

+ How to identify and remove Toxins, Invaders and Allergies. Understanding oxygen and inflammation




Energy Workz Basics 2019

November 4th, 5th and 6th 2019.

Location: 41 Cahors Rd Padstow, NSW

Energy Workz Advanced