Episode #24 - Being Decisive


In this episode we cover:

- The power of making a decision

- Being fearless when we moving

- Knowing when to bend and be flexible

- When to relinquish control

- How our aura can become thin and damaged by physical, spiritual or emotional attack

Affirmations for this episode:

- I'm true to my heart

- I follow my heart

- My head supports my heart

- I am decisive

- Others are ok when I'm decisive

- I'm ok when I'm decisive 

- I know when to bend and when to be strong

- I acknowledge my own power and use it for my highest good and those around me

- I honor my body and treat myself respectfully 

- I love my life

- My sense of what is right keeps me on my correct path

- I easily eliminate all that no longer serves me regardless

- I'm safe

- I'm safe if I achieve my purpose

- I make great decisions 

- I stick to my decisions

- I'm practical if I stick to my decisions 

- I'm guided if I stick to my decisions

- I'm free to walk my path 

- My path is clear

- Even though I can't see how my goals will come to fruition I trust it will

- My heart and mind are aligned

- It's safe for me to walk my path now

- I'm ok with God's or the universe's timing

- I'm not persuaded to go off course

- I have the courage to stand up for what I feel is right and I no longer allow other's to persuade me to do something else regardless 

- I make my decisions quickly and easily

- It's ok if I make a mistake

- I believe in myself

- Even if there are obstacles in my path I see how to overcome them 

- I'm able to be decisive 

- I allow myself to be decisive 

- I move forward in my decisiveness 

- I see how to overcome obstacles

- I'm able to overcome all obstacles in my path

- I no longer see obstacles as an insult or a weakness

- My decisions are powerful

- My intuition and awareness are gifts

- Others are ok with my intuition

- Others are ok if I share my intuition

- My mind allows clarity at all times

- My mind is in tune with my heart and they work together peacefully

- I choose to be peaceful yet work with full purpose of mind

- Even though my time is limited I always accomplish what I set out to

- I relinquish control to God or the universe

- I have the faith necessary

- I'm in harmony with the universe

- My working life brings me joy 

- Others are ok with my powerful decisions

- I always make my decisions for the highest good 



Tanya Ormsby