Episode #2 - How To Go For Your Dreams

How To Go For Your Dreams.jpg

In this episode we clear:

+ Our aura and unhealthy connections 

+ Learning to say no and knowing when and where to draw the line

+ Doing things in the right way and the right time for you

+ How we're often running on adrenaline and we don't let ourselves to stop, rest and digest.  (This can lead us to being cold and tired all the time)

+  Why it's important to clear bad memories or a bad experience that prevents us from going and doing it again.

+ Being grateful for your gifts

+ Shifting family beliefs around money

+ What your heart says vs what your head says

+ Feeling worthy of all that you desire 

+ Changing your money story

+ Remaining humble and teachable even if you have money 

+ Our Life Rhythm -  how seasons affect our personality

+ The ways that we learn and grow are different for each of us

+ Being patient with yourself and the way you learn things

+ Being mindful that we don't give what we don't have so that we don't harm ourselves, our family, work or our business. 




Tanya Ormsby