Episode #9 - Happy Homes


In this episode we discuss and release:

 + Creating a cooperative environment

+ Unhealthy connections and having healthy boundaries

+ Working with our aura and it's layers, chakras and celtic weave

+ How chakras effect our organs

+ Using our power wisely

+ Releasing any generational patterns, hooks and any blocks on our timeline

+  How our 2nd chakra weakened by guilt or low self worth or believing we are flawed or an unwillingness to forgive oneself.

+ Physical dysfunctions that correlate to 2nd chakra imbalance: Lower back pain or urinary problems.

+ Often we don't want to love ourselves or our situation until it's how we think it should be but it's important to love ourselves on the way not just when we get to where we want to be. 

+ Sometimes our body tells us the story sometimes when we don't understand situations

+ How our digestive system and and mood are linked

Affirmations for this episode:

+ My family thrives in an orderly clean home

+ We are joyful in our schedules

+ We are accommodating and loyal

+ We are able to be prosperous

+ We are able to adapt and remain flexible with change

+ I make wise decisions

+ I no longer rely on others opinions of me

+ I no longer compare myself to others

+ I accept responsibility for all my actions and my decisions

+ We easily support each other's growth and learning

+ At times of death or of loss we're easily able to comfort each other through our words and our actions

+ Our connections are strong enough regardless

+ My home stays balanced, calm, happy with prosperity regardless of the challenges 

+ We are able to calmly finish our projects

+ I'm able to be honest

+ I'm safe in a happy home

+ Our home, mind and heart can be rid of the clutter and negative energy and be replaced with prosperity and harmony

+ It's ok for us to make mistakes within our home and learn from our mistakes

+ My family accepts me unconditionally

+ Our family is strong and protective

+ My family and I are error friendly

+ We forgive easily and forget each other's mistakes

+ We all work together for our common good regardless

+ During times of illness, stress or lack we all band together and receive what is needed from each other

+ We allow both love and support into our family circle

+ Each member of my family is able to love unconditionally

+ Each member of my family has a positive role to fulfill

+ All our family members feel safe and protected at all times

+ Our family boundaries are strong are healthy with the right amount of flexibility

+ We enjoy helping and supporting each other while remaining balanced and calm

+ I'm in touch with my feelings

+ I'm a creative and sensual being

+ I love and accept and myself just the way I am (which doesn't mean we don't ever improve but we love ourselves just the way we are which gives room for us to improve)

+ I understand I no longer need fixing (I'm already enough)

+ I always give myself my unconditional love

+ I allow others to grow when they're ready to do so

+ I'm in touch with my feelings

+ I love my life

+ My mind is stable and balanced

+ My mind is strong, flexible and stable

+ My mind allows clarity at all times

+ My mind is in tune with my heart and they work together peacefully

+ I eat healthy food and it tastes good to me

+ I drink enough water to rinse my body clean and allow healthy cell repair and renewal

+ My organs and glands function optimally

+ My bones are strong and have good density

+ I enjoy living tuned to higher vibrations 

+ My kidney and bladder function perfectly

+ My digestive system easily and completely digests and absorbs all nutrients

+ My elbows have strength but are still flexible

+ It's ok to show the real me

+ I am more valuable than anything

+ All the family members are more valuable than anything

+ We're able to adapt and be flexible with change

+ My survival is certain

+ I trust my gut instinct

+ I continually see and follow my divine path

+ I'm confident in family's ability to make our life work

+ I trust that I have the right words to say in difficult times

+ I trust that I know the right things to do in difficult times

+ And even when family members are difficult we know what to do 

Lots of love,
















Tanya Ormsby