Episode #8 - Being The Best You

The Energy Workz Podcast with Tanya Ormsby Episode #8 -  Being The Best You

In this episode we discuss and release:

+ How we're so hard on ourselves

+ Failing to see our good and what we've accomplished

+ Comparing ourselves to others

+ Balancing our work lives, relationships, friends, family so our life is in harmony

+ Releasing generational issues from our energy field, chakras and meridian systems

+ Clearing any debris from our celtic weave

+ Releasing frustration

+ The 5th chakra and what organs it effects and how it affects absorption

+ How our field can get damaged

+ Clearing hooks out of our auric field

+ Our aura and it's layers

+ Our electrical circuits


Affirmation for the family:

+ Each member of our family feels safe and secure

+ I feel comfortable to speak freely

+ I easily maintain healthy body size and image 

+ I no longer need to hang on to weight 

+ I easily eliminate all that no longer serves me

+ It's ok for me to do my best

+ Others are safe when I do my best

+ Even if I make mistakes I feel good about myself

+ Mistakes are no longer painful

+ I'm ok with my Mum

+ I'm ok with how my mother mothered me

+ I accept the lessons of my childhood

+ I forgive my parents

+ I trust that my future is safe

+ The earth has plenty and some to spare

+ Money is my friend

+ Others value what I do and reward me

+ I'm enough

+ I'm worthy of all that I desire

+ I accept my chapters as they unfold with flexibility and confidence

+ As I invest in myself the universe invests in me too

+ As I rise up to lead my tribe I'm given the knowledge required

+ I am a success

+ I'm able to release the negative family patterns and replace them with positive encouraging ones

+ I envision my life according to my highest purpose

+ My weaknesses become my strengths

+ I appreciate my own worth, regardless

+ I follow inspiration that's comfortable and natural for me

+ I am forgivable 

+ I love those who need forgiving for not being what I want them to be


Lots of love,



Tanya Ormsby