Episode #7 - Making Changes

The Energy Workz Podcast - Episode #7 Making Changes.jpg

In this episode we discuss and clear:

+ Why change is a double-edged sword sometimes

+ Why we want to change but we're equally terrified of it

+ Why change is often scary and very confronting

+ What's really important to you?

+ What we really want vs what other people tell us what we want

+ Why sometimes you can't see the picture of our goals or future

+ Releasing generational patterns so you're able to see your future goals clearly

+ Releasing stuck energy in our grid 

+ We discuss our 4th chakra (or heart chakra) and following our heart

+ Our Stomach and gallbladder meridians

+ Work out how you learn and the format that works for you


Affirmations to use: 

1. It's ok that I learn differently to others

2. I easily maintain my thriving business while protecting my boundaries

3. Healthy eating, restful sleep, enjoying sunshine exercising regularly and making time for prayer, meditation or stillness are easily embraced by my family

4. My mind is a very powerful tool

5. The difficulties I face are understood and used for my highest good

6. I love my mind and the individual way it sees my purpose

7. Our heart meridian and what our heart is craving

8. My brain organizes and repairs itself each night while I sleep

9. I live my life on purpose

10. It's safe for me to see the truth no matter what it is

11. My life's purpose continues to unfold before me

12. I'm safe



Tanya Ormsby