Episode #6 - The Power of Honesty

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In this episode we cover:


+ Being Honest with others and ourselves

+ Being able to say what we really feel say to ourselves and to ourselves and to others

Many times we don't even allow ourselves to think, "What do I really want?" We think it's not possible and we can't have what we really want so we won't let ourselves go there.

+ The importance of taking time out for ourselves

+ How unworthiness interferes with our dreams


Affirmation to release false beliefs:

+ I'm honest with myself and others and let all my secrets out

+ Others are safe when I'm honest

+ It's safe for me to see through the lens of my experience

+ It's safe for me to clear the lens of my perception

+ I'm safe if my secrets are uncovered

+ Others are safe if my secrets are uncovered

+ I'm no longer attached to my problems

+ I allow prosperity in my life

+ My family, friends and clients will work with me for my highest good

+ Healing occurs everytime I rest, relax and allow myself enjoyment

+ I no longer over commit myself

+ Others value what I do and reward me




Tanya Ormsby