Episode #5 - The Power of Trust

The Energy Workz Podcast with Tanya Ormsby Episode #5 - Trust.jpg

In this episode we discuss:


+ What happens when trust is broken

+ Knowing when to stay and when to move on

+ How forgiveness helps you move forward

+ The gift of gratitude

+ How to establish and maintain healthy boundaries to keep our relationships balanced

+ Why it's our responsibility to set boundaries and what happens when we don't

+ Being aligned with God or the Universe's plan for us

+ Not allowing betrayal to make us feel inferior

+ Honoring our body and treating ourselves respectfully

+ What happens our head and heart aren't aligned

+ Feeling worthy of making the effort to change

Affirmations for this episode:

+ I'm worthy of the time, money, effort and energy it takes to create my ideal job, business and lifestyle

+ My motives are pure

+ I'm worthy and deserving of my highest goals

+ I acknowledge the child within me that may have unmet needs

+ I clearly see my place in life

+ I am a success even when things around me get tough

+ My life is great

+ My relatives easily encourage and support me continually without question or without strings

+ My kidney and bladder function perfectly

+ My body functions optimally

+ I accept my family and my family accept me

+ My family walks away from old patterns of criticism and abuse

+ I always give myself unconditional love




Tanya Ormsby