Episode #4 - How To Change Your Money Story

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In this episode we cover:


The things we tell ourselves about money and the things we believe things about money and releasing false beliefs around money.

Often these things come through our family:

+ You have to work hard for money

+ Money doesn't come easily

 + We can't be spiritual and have money

+ That we can't earn money for our gifts


Affirmations to help release this money story:

+ I have all the support I need without having to ask

+ I'm worthy of support

+ Often we feel we have to earn our love as well as our money

+ It's ok to be calm

We often feel we're not worthy of prosperity or that everyone else can have prosperity in the world but not me.  But if you're a person that does good in the world then you need to have to resources to help yourself your family, friends and other people.


Affirmations to release these false beliefs:

+ I'm worthy to receive financial reward for my contribution

+ I am spiritual and prosperous

+ I allow myself to respect my own time commitments

+ God leads me

+ I no longer value other peoples opinion's over my intuition


We all know that when we follow our intuition and that it really leads us to best possible way that we can go

We often feel that other people know better than us and have better experience than us but they have better experience but they don't have better experience in our life.

+ Money and I work together for our highest good

+ Money is my friend

+ I'm rewarded for my effort and pay it forward continually

+ Money and I work together

+ As I invest in myself the universe rises to meet


It's sometimes hard for mothers to invest in themselves, we feel we put our family before ourselves and and put ourselves last. But when we don't take care ourselves then we can't take care of the people we love.


Affirmation to release these false beliefs:

+ I let go of my past mistakes around money

+ I am worthy because I exist (often we feel we have to prove our worthiness)

+ Money comes to me in good ways - unexpected and expected

+ Money comes to me frequently and easily (whether I'm worthy or not)


 + Why it's important to have a look at where your money goes out and often we'll find there are leaks. Where we're paying for something but not using it that we could cut out and come back to later if we need to. 

+ I work calmly and steadily within my healthy limits (often we want to push ourselves past our limits)

+ I'm greater than any possession or relationship I have

+ I feel whole regardless of my circumstances

+ I'm a great money manager

+ I'm a great resource manager

+ I no longer hang on to the past

Our emotions are there to guide us and when things don't feel good that's a sign we're not heading in the right direction

We often we we don't have time to care of ourselves but you're no good to anyone if you're not in good condition.




Tanya Ormsby