Episode #30: Advancing Fearlessly


In this episode we cover:

- Birthing our businesses or goals  

- What makes us fear and holds us back?  

- How to enjoy advancing and succeeding  

- Changing your mind and outlook   

- Our working relationships with money, heart and mind, our body, our future, our past

- Releasing generational debris

- Why we sometimes feel lost when our 6th chakra is affected 

- Speaking truthfully from our heart without analyzing 

- Why we going to sleep or staying asleep is difficult sometimes

- Being open to where God or the universe leads us


Affirmations for this episode:

- My working relationship with life's purpose, my children, my neighbours, my intuition, my boundaries and my resources are good

- I feel my purpose

- I feel support for my purpose

- I easily turn my fears into faith

- I am aligned for God's plan for me

- My life is great

- I am of great influence

- I accept my purpose

- It's ok for me to see my whole picture

- I easily maintain my spiritual boundaries while moving forward

- I choose to be happy and balanced

- I easily cut through any illusion and find the truth

- I allow myself to be peaceful and balanced

- Others are comfortable with what comes out of mouth

- I have a healthy working relationship with God or the universe

- I know my place in the universe

- I trust how things unfold

- I have a healthy working relationship with my money 

- I'm free to advance

- I allow myself to advance

- It's safe to advance

- Even though I some fear I still move forward

- I move forward step by step, leap by leap

- Other's are ok with me moving forward

- I allow myself to forward

- I acknowledge my fears and move forward anyway

- I am fearless

- I'm aware

- I see the big picture but I'm still fearless

- I trust myself

- I trust my family

- I trust my purpose in life

- I trust that I'll be supported in that purpose

- I allow myself to be supported

- I hear the support

- I feel the support of not only my family here but my relatives that have gone before

- I feel God's love, the love of the universe 

- I'm blessed in every way 



Tanya Ormsby