Episode #28: Leading Your Tribe


In this episode we cover:

- Finding your tribe

- Speaking your tribe in their language

- Our self esteem and self worth

- Allow others to help us and love us

- Knowing when to let go

- Being open to divine assistance

- How our body tells we might be headed in the wrong direction

Affirmations for this episode:

- I'm worthy of divine love

- I am divinely guided and protected

- I accept help

- I allow prosperity in my life

- I allow my family to love me

- Love is safe

- It's ok for me to sing my life's song

- It's ok for me to tell my story

- I easily keep my boundaries strong

- Other's are safe when my boundaries are strong

- I love unconditionally

- I acknowledge my own loveliness

- I'm willing to open my vision of the future to divine assistance

- I'm worthy of divine assistance

- I forgive myself

- I am safe

- I'm in touch with my feelings

- I'm ok with how my mother mothered me

- I'm ok with how I mother my tribe

- I am a success even when things around me get tough

- I'm enough regardless of what I own

- My mind functions optimally

- I replace all negativity surrounding others and myself with positive energy

- My energy is positive

- I lead my tribe

- It's safe for me to see the truth no matter what it is

- I easily start and complete all my endeavors

- I easily eliminate all that no longer serves me

- I no longer achieve perfection before I lead

- I release anger from my life

- I acknowledge my feelings, I accept my feelings and I move forward

- I know my tribe, I lead my tribe, I find my tribe

- My tribe and I work together 



Tanya Ormsby