Episode #27: Sharing The Load


In this episode we cover:

- Feeling worthy of help

- Releasing generational patterns that don't serve us

- Having work that brings us joy

- Why fungal infections are opportunistic 

- Knowing when to give and knowing when to receive

Affirmations for this episode:

I am worthy of help

I accept my worthiness 

I relinquish my martyr role in life

I no longer have the need to be a martyr

I'm in harmony with the universe

My work in life brings me joy

My mind is willing to serve me in accomplishing my mission in life 

I easily forgive and forget past offenses while keeping healthy boundaries

Others are ok if I share the load

We work together hand in hand

All are welcome

Cooperation is our motto

I'm ok without my fungal infection

I allow others respect and space to be who they really are 

I'm ok without my depression

I'm a viable part of my community

My input is welcomed

I am valued

Others value me enough to help me

I am trustworthy

I trust

I give others a second chance 

My life is well balanced

My intuition and awareness are gifts  

I can keep my compassion and use my gifts 

I'm open to new ideas, experiences and people to enhance my happiness and knowledge

My perception enables me to help myself and others to achieve their highest purpose

I no longer need to be sick to have a rest

I make wise decisions

I help my family to make wise decisions

There is room in my family to try out different alternatives

There is room in my family to learn from my mistakes

I allow others to grow when they are ready to do so

I trust that I am of worth

I accept my worthiness

I forgive myself for my past mistakes

I easily work together with others

Cooperation and working together gives me pleasure

I release my indecision



Tanya Ormsby