Episode #26: Continuing In The Light

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In this episode we cover:

- The importance of being in the light

- Taking time to be still and to meditate

- How to protect yourself from viruses, parasites, bacteria and fungal infections

- Why strong boundaries protect us from parasitic people and parasitic friends and parasitic energies and entities

- Using essential oils to lift your vibration

- Plugging in your own protection and light and how to do it

Affirmations for this episode:

- I maintain healthy strong boundaries regardless

- I easily maintain my healthy boundaries regardless of who is in need 

- I can be a great friend and still have healthy boundaries

- I easily recognize when I'm taking on too much of another's responsibilities

- I'm mindful to encourage people to gather their energy from the source as I do

- I easily keep all my windows open to the light

- I'm strong enough to keep my shutters closed regardless of the difficulties I face

- Money and I work together for our highest good

- Others value what I do and reward me

- I attract all the help, encouragement and support I need to grow my business

- I release the need to be a doormat

- I drink in life's richness and sweetness even when I'm busy and really pushed

- My mind easily grasps new concepts and applies them immediately 

- I'm ok without my anxiety

- I allow myself to be supported in the light 

- I always allow people personal growth through their problems

- I'm worthy of divine connection regardless

- I can see past the minor irritations of life and see the whole picture

- I'm connected to my heavenly family and my earth family 

- It's safe to be happy

- My electrical circuitry and my brain chemistry work in harmony for my highest good all time regardless

- My family is safe without my anxiety 

- My business is safe without my anxiety

- And even during times of anxiety I'm able to acknowledge the light

- I easily start and complete all my endeavours

- I forgive all others who have offended my in my lifetime

- I forgive myself for all the mistakes that I've made and may yet make and can love myself regardless

- I easily make great decisions (even under pressure)

- If I make a wrong decision I forgive myself

- Even though each step seems huge to me I able to make that step

- My family is protected

- My family is protected as they sleep 

- My children have the tools to choose light and be protected in the light 

- My home is surrounded by light 

- Each child is surrounded by light 

- Our family member is surrounded by light 

- We have strong healthy boundaries regardless

- My home itself is surrounded by light

- My workplace is surrounded by light 

- My friends surround themselves in light 

- I only allow those in light to enter my domain 



Tanya Ormsby