Episode #25 - Drawing Strength From The Light


In this episode we cover:

- Learning from situations while having fun along the way

- How to raise our vibration

- The power of prayer and meditation

- How to use your meridian systems to strength yourself

- Using essential oils to clear negativity

- Being able to receive not just always give

Affirmations for this episode:

- I love who I am and who I am becoming 

- I remain balanced

- I trust my intuition

- I allow prosperity in my life

- I attract the help I need whenever I need it 

- I can be a great family member and maintain my healthy personal boundaries 

- I easily maintain a good perspective on my purpose in life while keeping my healthy boundaries 

- I'm mindful and encourage people to gather energy from the source as I do

- I easily remain in the light 



Tanya Ormsby