Episode #23 - Seeing Past Our Current Situation


In this episode we cover:

- Seeing past our present reality

- Accepting ourselves even with our flaws

- How helping more people creates more wealth

- Asking for the right price for our work

- Having an equal exchange of energy for our gifts and talents

- How to stop identifying ourselves with our problem

- Getting unstuck

Affirmations for this episode:

- I allow my body to rest adequately 

- I have the power to choose my reaction to any situation

- I allow others respect and space to be who they really are 

- I love my life 

- I forgive myself

- I give myself permission to thrive

- Others are ok if I thrive

- I can see past the minor irritations of life and see the whole picture

- I clearly see my own divine nature

- My brain functions optimally

- It's safe for me to see the truth no matter what it is

- I no longer betray myself

- I no longer allow others to betray me 

- I forgive those who have betrayed me

- I forgive myself when I've betrayed myself

- I no longer betray myself

- I no longer feel lonely

- I allow people into my life

- There are plenty of friends there for me 

- My friends love me and support me

- I forgive myself for any mistakes I've made in the past

- I'm free from betrayal

- I'm worthy of my own support, love and encouragement 

- I allow others to support and encourage me

- Those that are unfaithful or unloving to me I release them from my life

- I'm free to be me

- I'm able to see past my current situation

- I accept my current situation

- I'm ok with improving my current situation 

- I'm ok with being the best at what I do



Tanya Ormsby