Episode #22 - Overcoming Toxic Feelings


In this episode we over:

- How are feelings are there to guide us

- Why sometimes our triggers are hereditary

- Not falling into our trap of being triggered

- The power of listening 

- How our aura sustains damage and can have tears and leaks

Affirmations for this episode:

- We allow all family members to learn from their mistakes

- It's safe to communicate openly within our family 

- We feel the support of past generations and allow their love to fill our home

- Our home is divinely protected

- We all work together for our common good

- I'm worthy of acceptance regardless no matter what we do or don't do

- I'm balanced and grounded

- I give myself permission to thrive

- My bones are strong

- My sense of what is right keeps me on my correct path

- I easily eliminate what no longer serves me

- I am lovable 

- I forgive myself

- I am forgivable

- My relationships are peaceful and balanced

- I'm worthy and accepting of unconditional love

- I allow myself to experience fulfillment

- I'm confident that the healing power of God's love or the universe's love will heal my mind, heart and body 

- My relationships bring me pleasure

- I'm entitled to happiness, joy and light in my life always

- I'm worthy of divine of connection regardless

- I am enough regardless of what I own

- I'm no longer attached to my problems

- It's ok to peel away the layers and expose the real me

- I'm connected to my earth family and my heavenly family

- I'm in harmony with the universe 

- I allow myself to be peaceful and balanced

- My mind functions optimally

- It's now the right time to express the best of who I am now

- I release the fear and doubt that blocks the way to my creative expression

- I am powerful

- I am peaceful and balanced while wielding my power

- I no compare myself to others

- I love myself regardless

- I am able to see past my weaknesses and allow them to become my strengths

- My intuition and awareness are gifts

- I trust God or the universe that all outcomes in my life are for my highest good

- I remain peaceful and balanced even under pressure

- I allow myself to peaceful and balanced 

- Even in situations that are hostile or toxic I remain peaceful and balanced

- I no longer react

- I'm able to be an observer

- I can protect myself even in toxic or hostile situations

Lots of love,


Tanya Ormsby