Episode #21 - Moving Past Hurt

Moving Past Hurt

In this episode we cover:

- How to move forward after painful experiences

- The power of forgiveness

- Finding the balance between giving and taking good care of ourselves

- Knowing when to say no

Plus so much more. 

Affirmations for this episode:

- I clearly see my own divine nature

- My legs are strong and carry wherever I go 

- My elbows have strength but are still flexible

- I'm able to see both sides of an argument

- I no longer compare myself to others

- I accept responsibility for all my decisions

- I'm able to see past my weaknesses and allow them to become my strengths

- As I rise up to lead my tribe I'm given the knowledge required

- I'm able to release negative family patterns and replace them with positive encouraging ones

- I'm living my life according to my highest purpose

- I acknowledge my achievements thus far and feel enthusiasm to continue my upward journey

- I live my life in full purpose

- I'm able to release past sadness from my body

- I'm able to forgive

- It's ok to sing my life's song

- I did the best I could

- I love myself

- I love myself even when other's fail to love me or appreciate me

- I appreciate myself

- I appreciate my body

- I appreciate my life

- I appreciate my life experience

- I learn from all that I experience

- I remain grounded at all times

- I easily stay in the light

- I totally forgive myself

- I totally forgive those around me that have offended me

- I trust God or the universe



Tanya Ormsby