Episode #20 - Blockages vs Freedom


In this episode we cover:

- How to get from blockage to freedom

- Creating your perfect day

- How gratitude helps moves things forward

- Why accepting where we are actually frees us

Affirmations for this episode:

- I'm ok with freedom 

- I'm safe with freedom

- I accept my freedom 

- I'm ok with my blockages

- I no longer have disgust for myself, my problems, my work or my gifts

- I'm ready to move forward

- I allow myself to be led by God

- I believe in myself

- Others believe in me 

- Even if there is opposition l believe in myself

- I no longer need my depression

- My mind allows clarity at all times, even in the darkest day

- When things get tough I no longer get mad at myself

- It's safe for me to see the truth no matter what it is

- It's ok if others know the truth about me

- I easily start and complete all my endeavors

- I no longer need to hang on to waste

- I continually see and follow my divine path 

- I choose goodness light and love

- I'm confident in my ability to make my life work

- I remain grounded at all times

- I follow my heart easily

- I acknowledge my own loveliness 

- Love is everywhere and I allow myself to experience



Tanya Ormsby