Episode #19 - Faith During Change


In this episode we cover: 

- Faith vs fear

- Being connected to the light

- What to do when you get stuck

- Being open to inspiration 

- Taking time out for ourselves

- Calling in higher help

- How not to go into panic mode

Affirmations for this episode:

- I'm a creative and sensual being

- I'm able to enjoy all emotions and give them room for expression

- My mind allows clarity at all times

- It's safe for me to see the truth no matter what it is

- As I invest in myself the universe invests in me too

- I'm like the Phoenix I rise from my ashes

- I'm able to release the negative family patterns and replace them with positive encouraging ones

- I'm no longer attached to my problems

- I'm connected to my earth family and my heavenly family

- My electrical circuitry and brain chemistry work in harmony for my highest good

- I allow myself to be peaceful and balanced

- I choose goodness, light and love

- I'm confident in my ability to make my life work

- I'm safe

- I keep my boundaries healthy and strong

- Others are comfortable with what comes out of my mouth

- I'm aware in every moment



Tanya Ormsby