Episode #18: Decluterring


In this episode we cover:

- How the things we have occupy mental bandwidth

- Letting go of the things are no longer necessary

- How when you're space is cluttered you're mind is cluttered

- Releasing thoughts that are not supportive to our journey

- Creating an inner circle that will support us on our journey

- Knowing what you're limits are, what you can share and give without causing yourself or family a problem

Affirmations for this episode:

- I make great judgments of what to keep

- I'm ok with letting go

- I easily discern what I no longer need

- My home is sacred to me and to all who visit

- I give myself permission to thrive

- My family and my tribe has my back

- I easily eliminate all that no longer serves me

- I have balanced relationships

- I am confident that God's love will heal my heart, mind and body

- My brain functions optimally

- My vision is illuminated by gratitude and love

- I help with the resources I have without harm to my family, business and self

- I make wise decisions

- I no longer rely on other's opinions of me

- I am enough 

- I love myself

- I am confident in my ability in make my life work

- I'm able to see past my weaknesses and allow them to become my strengths

- My honesty of expression enables others to speak up too

- My survival is certain

- I only eat that which is healthy and good for me

Tanya Ormsby