Episode #17 - Moving Past Your Fears

Moving Past Your Fears.jpg

In this episode we cover:

- The pros and cons of fear

- Vanishing twins syndrome

- The disease to please

- Why we sometimes live in flight or fight 

- Calming down the flight or fight response

- How lies weaken our 5th chakra

- How sometimes our gifts are buried

Affirmations for this episode: 

- I no longer fear rejection when I speak honestly

- I willingly replace smoking, alcohol abuse, overeating and unhealthy dieting with my powerful creativity 

- I'm ready to put my negative habits aside and express my creativity

- It's ok for me to sing my life song

- I'm becoming more creative each day

- I have the right to be heard

- I acknowledge my unique set of super powers

- I am safe

- I release my fears and replace them with faith

- I remain grounded at all times

- My family or my tribe has my back

- My mind no longer reverts to fear when I am in challenging situations

- I use my power with wisdom

- I trust my gut instinct

- I accept responsibility for all my decisions

- Money and I work together for our highest good

- I encourage all to drink at the river of prosperity

- I'm still a humble and teachable person even if I have money

- I feel whole regardless of my circumstances

- My work in life brings me joy

- I'm comfortable being supported

- I love to feel pleasure in my body

- I'm aligned with God's plan for me

- Healing occurs every time I rest, relax and allow myself enjoyment

- I have patience with myself and others

Tanya Ormsby