Episode #13 - The Road To Success

The Energy Workz Podcast - Episode #13 The-Road-To-Success.jpg

In this episode we discuss and release:

+ What is success?

+ Creating your bucket list

+ Allowing ourselves to be happy

+ Enjoying the journey 

+ Loving ourselves even when things don't work out

+ Being in like minded communities and having support

+ Taking baby steps along the way

+ Why affirmations alone don't always work and what to do 

+ How clearing energy and muscle testing work

+ Making sure our energy is clear to move forward with the things that we are important to us

+ Taking time out for ourselves

+ Knowing that it's ok to modify our plans and goals

Affirmations for the episode:

+ I'm no longer attached to my problems

+ It's ok to peel away the layers and expose the real me

+ It's safe to happy

+ I am safe

+ I'm in tune with my life purpose

+ When I set my intention I'm able to focus on the big picture while taking one step at a time

+ When I invest in myself the universe invests in me too

+ My capacity to learn continues to improve day by day

+ I am a success

+ I'm able to release the negative family patterns and am able to replace them with positive encouraging ones

+ I'm living my life according to my highest purpose

+ I acknowledge my achievements thus far and feel enthusiasm to continue my upward journey

+ My weaknesses become my strengths

+ My mind is willing to serve me in accomplishing my mission in life

+ I focus clearly on what's my highest priority is each day

+ I easily forgive and forget past offensives while keeping healthy boundaries

+ Even under immense pressure my mind remains strong

+ I choose to be peaceful yet work with full purpose in mind

+ I'm in touch with my feelings

+ I'm a creative and sensual being

+ I'm entitled to happiness, joy and light in my life always

+ I understand I no longer need fixing, I'm already enough

+ I have the power to choose in any situation

+ Healing occurs every time I rest, relax and allow myself enjoyment

+ I allow others respect and space to be who they really are

+ I have patience with myself and others

+ I am whole

+ I love my life

+ I remain grounded at all times

Lots of love,


Tanya Ormsby