Episode #12 - Coping with Style

The Energy Workz Podcast Episode 12 Coping with Style.jpg

In this episode we discuss and release:

+ How to deal with overwhelm

+ Receiving help from above

+ Creating a balance between helping ourselves and helping our families

+ Not feeling selfish when we put ourselves first

+ Making Room for the inspiration to come 

+ Knowing our limits and not pushing past them

+ Taking time out to rest and recharge  

+ Not needing to be a fixer

Affirmations for this episode:

+ I am inspired

+ My heart and mind are aligned

+ I am safe, my family is safe and my business is safe

+ I'm always divinely guarded protected

+ It's safe to shine

+ I'm peaceful on the inside even when times are tough

+ I am a unique gift to this world

+ I'm aware of my needs and allow myself to take care of them

+ I attract the help I need whenever I need it 

+ I receive unconditional love

+ I allow my family to love me

+ I'm divinely protected  

+ I'm able to see past my weaknesses and allow them to be my strengths 

+ I'm able to see past other's weaknesses and allow them to become their strengths

+ I belong in my family

+ I belong in my tribe

+ I am safe

+ I love unconditionally

+ I open myself to the healing powers of love

+ I'm ready to put my negative habits aside and express my creativity

+ I love and trust my creative gifts

+ I have the right to be heard

+ I express myself easily and with courage

+ I acknowledge my unique set of superpowers

+ I can see past the minor irritations of life and see the whole picture

+ It's ok to peel away the layers and expose the real me

+ It's safe to be happy

+ Happiness lasts

+ I can be happy even when things are difficult

+ I am happy even things are difficult

+ I allow myself to be peaceful and balanced



Tanya Ormsby