Episode #11 - Transitions

In this episode we discuss and release:

+ How transitions are sometimes really exciting but sometimes also really terrifying

+ Why the last part just before we reach our goal is sometimes the hardest part and we don't realize just how close we are to our goals

+ Working out what you love to do in life and then how to transition into actually making a living out of it

+ Getting unstuck of thinking in a certain way about how our life will go and what we can have 

+ Releasing any negatives beliefs that you can't have, you don't deserve or you're not worthy of things you want

+ How the stomach meridian and anxiety are connected

+ Why it's so important for our stomach to be working optimally

+ When our 5th chakra's out of balance how it can lead to a sore neck or sore throat or thyroid problems

+ The gallbladder meridian and why it can be involved in getting headaches 

+ Releasing resentment for not having things the way we want them to be

+ The electrics and how to use the triple warmer meridian to soothe ourselves

+ Clearing any feelings of unworthiness

+ Asking for support and allowing yourself to receive it

+ How stress effects our structure  

+ Why we can accomplish so much more when we feel peaceful versus when we feel panicked  

Affirmations for this episode: 

+ I enjoy living tuned to higher vibrations 

+ I trust myself

+ I'm worthy of my own trust

+ I'm worthy of investing in myself

+ I allow others to support me

+ I'm comfortable expressing my authentic self

+ It's now the right time for me to express the best of who I am now

+ I express myself easily and with courage

+ I listen and follow inspiration

+ I'm worthy of all that I desire 

+ I no longer need to earn love

+ I acknowledge my own loveliness

+ Love is everywhere and I allow myself to experience it

+ I trust that I'm doing things in the right way and right time for me

+ I easily start and complete all my endeavors

+ I easily eliminate all that no longer serves me

+ I'm a success even when things around me get tough

+ I'm in harmony with the universe 

+ My family is safe

+ Everything I do is an expression of love

+ I love my mind and the individual way it sees my purpose

+ My mind allows clarity at all times

+ I choose to be peaceful yet work with full purpose in mind 





Tanya Ormsby