Episode #10 - Being True To Your Purpose

In this episode we discuss and release:

+ What is our purpose really?

+ Feeling you can't do it or you're not the right person

+ The higher good that we're suppose to do and believing it we can do

+ Having your heart be truly on purpose and being connected to our spirit 

+ Following our heart even if it's not logical or rational

+ How our heads and mental chatter get in the way 

+ Doing things for the right reason not to make someone else happy

+ Knowing when you're on purpose vs when you're not

+ Allowing the universe to support you


+ What do you really want in life?

+ What's stopping from you from getting there?

+ How will it feel when you're living the life you want?

+ What are the obstacles in your way?

+ How can you get around these obstacles?

+ What are you willing to commit to?

+ What steps do you need to get there?

+ What help do you need to get there?

Affirmations for the episode:

+ I trust my future is divinely guided

+ I'm able to trust my heart despite negativity around me and within me

+ I allow myself to enjoy the journey

+ There is room for all to be successful

+ My family allows me time and space to bloom 

+ I'm a good prosperous person

+ I remain peaceful and calm throughout the changes that come on my journey of prosperity

+ I love life

+ I allow others when they are ready to do so

+ I allow myself to grow when I'm ready to do so

+ We enjoy helping and supporting each other while remaining balanced and calm

+ I easily find the easiest methods for me to learn

+ My mind easily grasps new concepts and applies them immediately

+ We take pride in maintaining our family and home

+ I feel comfortable to speak freely

+ My capacity to learn continues to improve day by day

+ Peace is allowed within my mind at all times regardless 

+ We take time to nurture each other at home and in the community

+ My brain functions optimally 

+ I allow myself to respect my own time commitments

+ I forgive myself







Tanya Ormsby