Episode #1 - How To Be Courageous



In this episode we discuss and clear:  


+ The generational patterns and baggage that we inherit from our families

+ How we think and how we see things and how that affects our bodies

+ By charging for your services you actually help others heal 

+ Having strong boundaries while being reasonable and considerate

+ Following inspiration vs our voice in our heads

+ Speaking up and saying what we really want to say

+ When you're actually doing what you love it feels good and it feels right

+ It's ok to do things in a different way to how other people expect us to do them

+ Following your intuition (even if it's not the normal way to do it)

+ Protecting your energy field and your aura

+ No longer relying on other people's opinion of you

+ Releasing controlling patterns

+ How shame, embarrassment and self consciousness weakens your third chakra (solar plexus) 

Plus so much more. 

Tanya Ormsby