Episode #15 - Overcoming Procrastination

Overcoming Procrastination .jpg

In this episode we discuss and release:

+ The other side of procrastination and how it helps us identifying what it is important to us personally

+ Why we sometimes use avoidance tactics when we're not on purpose

+ It's ok to adjust or fine tune our purpose

+ Why we sometimes procrastinate because of perfectionist in us 

+ Productivity and the connection to our second chakra

+ How birthing something into existence can feel scary (and why we sometimes sabotage ourselves)

Affirmations for this episode:

+ I understand that I no longer need fixing

+ I'm already enough

+ We work together for our highest good

+ I have the power to choose how to react to any situation 

+ Healing occurs everytime I allow myself rest, relax and allow myself enjoyment

+ I have patience with others and myself

+ I love my life

+ I'm doing things the right way, space and time for me

+ It's safe to be loved

+ I remain grounded at all times

+ I easily eliminate all that no longer serves me 

+ I'm no longer attached to my problems 

+ My mind functions optimally

+ When I procrastinate I'm able to see more clearly what's important to me

+ It's safe for me to see the truth no matter what it is

+ I release all shame from my life

+ No matter how many mistakes I make I trust myself

+ I release all guilt from my life 

+ I no longer feel guilty

+ I no longer allow myself to feel guilty

+ I no longer wallow in guilt

+ I'm ok without my fear

+ Others are ok without my fear

+ My family, friends and my business are safe even if I choose to pursue a different career

+ My relationships are peaceful and balanced



Tanya Ormsby