Episode #14 - Anxiety vs Trust


In this episode we discuss and release:

+ How to stop controlling and start allowing

+ Listening to our inner compass

+ The false belief that being stressed shows how important we are    

+ Using essential oils to help you and ground you (particularly Melissa and Lavender oil)  

+ Releasing the pain from past trauma or abuse  

+ How anger weakens our 3rd chakra  

+ Trusting our gut and intuition  

+ Using essential oils to help strengthen you  

+ How the hearts has it's own intelligence   

+ Letting our feelings guide us but not take over

Affirmations for this episode:  

+ I no longer compare myself to others  

+ I trust God that all outcomes in my life are for my highest good  

+ It's safe for me to see the truth no matter what it is   

+ I easily cut through any illusions to find the truth  

+ My gifts are different to others  

+ My teachers want to and are able to presents my lessons to me in a way that I easily understand   

+ I allow myself to be peaceful and balanced even through times of rapid growth and learning

 + I'm filled with light   

+ I allow others to see me shine  

+ I grow through others shining  

+ I buoyed by everyone's success and feel inspired to work on my own success  

+ I focus clearly on what my highest priority each day  

+ I allow full comprehension of the big picture  

+ All parts of my mind work well together  

+ My mind is in tune with my heart and they work together peacefully   

+ My mind allows clarity at all times  

+ Even under immense pressure my mind remains strong  

+ I trust that my future is safe   

+ I'm worthy of acceptance  

+ My survival is certain  

+ I'm connected to my body  

+ I release my fear and replace them with faith  

+ I remain grounded at all times  

+ My sense of what is right keeps me on my correct path  

+ I no longer need to hang onto weight     



Tanya Ormsby