Episode #59: Accepting Help

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In this episode we cover:

How our lessons helps us grow

The importance of having support and love around us

Why it's ok to ask for help 

Allowing and accepting help 

It's ok to receive to help

The balance of giving and receiving

Not having to do it all alone

Trusting our intuition

Getting unstuck

Affirmations for this episode:

It's safe to receive to help

It's safe to ask for help

It's safe to give help

It's safe to exchange energy

My relatives easily encourage and support me continually without question and without strings 

I allow myself to be peaceful and balanced even through times of rapid growth and learning

I exist and rejoice 

I am one with all that is

I am not alone

Life is a gift of unimaginable proportions 

I forgive myself for feeling revengeful 

I forgive myself for being obnoxious 

I forgive others for being obnxious 

I have strong healthy boundaries even through my trials

I totally believe in myself

I totally accept myself

I totally accept my lessons

I love my lessons



Tanya Ormsby