Episode #58: Discerning The Truth


In this episode:

What to do when we feel blocked or stuck

Believing we're worthy

The difference colours of the aura

Not allowing others to take advantage of us 

Releasing overwhelm

The power of solitude

How to stop saying yes to everything 

Affirmations for this episode:

I love and respect the earth and every living creature on it

I make a difference

I partake in the earth's resources with reverence and thanksgiving

I easily discern truth

I am wonderful and acceptable even if I fail to accomplish all

I exist and rejoice

I create the natural expression of my own being

I see through the illusions my ego entices me with 

I accept powerful spiritual support  to lift me up

I pluck from my past any inadequacies  to the surface to be released resolving them at last

I know why I'm here and willingly share my talents and gifts with the world



Tanya Ormsby