Episode #55: Honesty


In this episode we cover:

Not using being busy as a way of avoiding things

Why we're never alone

How our ego gets in the way

Seeing who we really are

Being able to accept ourselves even though we have flaws

Being grounded and connected

What feelings we're not addressing

Facing our addictions and what we're trying to hide from

Stopping the blame game

Being in tune with what we feel

Communicating in a kind and loving way without being defensive

Having healthy relationships with ourselves and others

Using our power wisely

Seeing the world as for us not against us 

Releasing our feelings of anger

The different colours of our auras

Affirmations for this episode:

I have a healthy relationships with my partner

I have a healthy relationship with food

I have a healthy working relationship with my past

I easily face my problems

I no longer let other's dishonesty effect me

I discern the truth

I listen to what my senses tell me

I'm protected by the truth

I have the courage to be honest

I no longer allow others to lie to me

I love myself even with my faults

I love those around me 

I act on the choices I make

I no longer compare myself to others

I'm worthy because I exist

I no longer need to prove my worth

I connect easily to my spirit 

I use my powers of discernment for good

I easily see through other's masks while showing unconditional love

I take off my own mask

I allow others to see the real me

My honesty empowers others

I choose to be free to be me 

I am enough

I am worthy because I exist regardless

I am worthy even if I lie on the lounge all week

I am worthy even if I make millions of mistakes

Honesty is a strong part of me

We are worthy of honesty at all times



Tanya Ormsby