Episode #54: Personal Confidence


In this episode we cover:

How confidence is a daily practice not a destination

Creating your go to tool kit to help you bounce back when you feel low or defeated

Why we're divine, enough and of value and why you have all you need 

Not falling into the trap of needing to learn more, know more and experience more before we can help

others or pursue our goals

Everything you need will be provided by your experiences

How sometime growing pains hurt

Why we sometimes fear success and failure at the same time

Tuning into what is important and right for you 

Getting out of your own way

Looking at what is holding us back

Using our talents and gifts

Why comparison is dangerous 

Not using busyness to not address the truth

Affirmations for this episode:

I no longer compare myself to others

I'm ok without my depression

I am whole

I release my fears and replace them with faith

My sense of what is right keeps me on my correct path

I forgive my family for not being there for me 

I'm always there for myself

I am my own friend

I allow myself to be confident

In moments of doubt there is always help

I help myself

I allow others to help me

I allow myself to learn from my own mistakes

I allow myself to learn from other's mistakes

I am error friendly

I see my past self with love

I see my future self with hope

Tanya Ormsby