Episode #53: The Wall In Front of Success


In this episode we cover:

What stops us from achieving success

Overcoming our weaknesses

Our heart chakra and living our purpose

Balance giving without depleting ourselves, our family or business

Releasing false beliefs

Which essential oils help support us through this

Taking time out for ourselves to reset 

Clearing our space to allow new things to flow in

Why it's painful when we shed our old selves

Why and how our 2nd chakra is weakened

The importance of forgiving ourselves

The vibration of our aura

Affirmations for this episode:

I allow help with my purpose

Even though times are difficult I will succeed

I'm ok without my false beliefs

I'm ok without my depression

I no longer need to use my depression as an excuse

I smell the fresh smell of success

I am a success as I step on each failure to the next success

Success is comfortable

I am successful yet approachable and lovable

I am a success in home, family, business and relationships

I easily balance all aspects of my life 

I own my own power

I use my power for the greatest good

I daily unearth my gifts

I treasure time with myself

I easily see the next step

I easily take the next step

I'm able to discard all people and actions that prevent me from achieving my highest purpose

I'm connected to God

I hear the inspiration

I use it 

I remember it

I record it

I'm worthy of inspiration

I choose light daily

I uphold my daily practises 

I allow my practices to keep me in the light

While I'm in the light I address my dark side

I see my fears, I face my fears, I walk towards them and overcome

I'm grateful for my trials

I'm grateful for the strengths they bring

My business is worthwhile

I am spiritual while I make a profit

I remain humble and teachable while being successful

I inspire others to achieve

I speak when prompted

I allow my voice to be heard

I remain peaceful inside even though there is difficulty around me

I am supported through the darkest hours and always greet the sun the next day

I am a success

I allow myself to be a success

It's safe to be a great family member and a success



Tanya Ormsby