Episode #52: Accepting Lessons


In this episode we cover:

Understanding our life lessons

Learning the lessons so we can stop repeating them

How to shift our paradigm and perspective

Releasing energy to get unstuck 

How our mistakes are our stepping stones

Boundaries versus Openness 

Balancing money and power 

Not allowing or feeling that people are stopping us

Affirmations for this episode:

We accept our life lessons

My bones are strong

My family and tribe support me in my growth

It's ok if I make mistakes

I love and accept myself even if I make mistakes

It's ok for me to grow and learn from my talents

Our home is a safe haven

We are able to repair, recover and shine

All of our family members are supported

We each have our place

We each respect ourselves and each other

We each understand each other's life mission
We accept our load

We value our load

We make use of our load

We grow through our load

I acknowledge my own power and use it for my highest good and those around me

I accept my family, business gifts, friends and pets as the load

I'm learning what I need to learn

My family is learning what they need to learn too

I move forward with my load

My energy field is whole

I am whole

My family is whole 

My business is whole

We are enough



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Tanya Ormsby