Episode #51: Thank You Partner


In this episode we cover:

Feeling gratitude for our partners

Being able to receive 

Communicating clearly what we do want

Creating balance in our relationships

Not seeing our self worth of what we own, do or look like

Plus so much more. 

Affirmations for this episode:

It's safe to trust

I no longer hold on to past grudges

I grow in wisdom day by day

I forgive myself for past mistakes

I forgive my partner for past mistakes

I am able to release negative family patterns with positive encouraging ones

I choose goodness light and love

I'm able to see past my weaknesses and turn them into strengths

I'm without my anger

I'm safe without my anger

My family is safe without my anger

I no longer hesitate

I have the right amount of confidence and cautious

I am healthy risk taker

I'm safe with trust 

My family delivers

We enjoy supporting and helping each other while remaining balanced and calm

My partnership is healthy and vibrant and I feed it nourishing food

Tanya Ormsby