Episode #50: Amazing Boundaries


In this episode we cover:

What are boundaries and why they're so important

How sometimes reoccurring symptoms (think migraines that won't go away) often have another reason why they stay 

Sometimes we mistakenly feel if we're a good mother or daughter or sister that we allow others to abuse us

How sometimes we allow our family and friends to take advantage of us

What happens when we're overwhelmed

Following what's right for us not what others think is right

Our aura, it's layers and how it protects us

Trusting our feeling and intuition

Affirmations for this episode:

My understanding of life grows clearer each day

My brain functions optimally

My vision is illuminated by gratitude and love

I easily capture any illusion and find the truth

I no longer rely on other people's opinions of me

I no longer compare myself to others

I choose goodness, light and love

My mind functions optimally

I allow myself to be peaceful and balance

I can show love without making a fuss

I have strong boundaries to help myself and my family 

I take full responsibilities for my actions and I allow others to do the same

I no longer need to save people

I easily encourage people from within my boundaries

I encourage without disabling

My boundaries are beautiful and shiny

I see my problems of lessons of growth not failure

We allow those who love and support into our family circle

Family holidays are pleasant and memorable

We always have a positive, peaceful and calm spirit within our home

Our family boundaries are strong and healthy with the right amount of flexibility

I am strong and flexible

I no longer clean up after everyone

I can stomach my life

I can stomach my choices

I live my life in full purpose and I allow others to do the same

Even when facing my biggest fears I'm able to keep moving forward

I have the courage to go forward on my own

It's ok if I make a mistake

I learn easily and graciously from my mistakes

I love myself unconditionally

I love others unconditionally within my healthy boundaries

I easily teach those around me to have healthy boundaries

I forgive my family members for their poor boundaries

I easily teach powerful lessons in my home

I'm able to calmly and peacefully adjust my course to achieve my mission in life

It's ok for me to adjust my course

I am still powerful even if my family makes mistakes

I am able to forgive

I'm worthy of forgiving others and I'm worthy forgiving myself

I easily see what's behind my anger

I trust I'm doing things in the right way and time for me



Tanya Ormsby