Episode #48: Trusting Yourself


In this episode we cover:

How to start trusting yourself

Learning to make good decisions

How practice making good decisions

Trusting our gut and intuition

Becoming self reliant

The importance of having the right people around you

Tuning into our body's messages

Being connected to our divinity

Affirmations for this episode:

I trust myself

I trust in my ability

I trust in my commitment

I trust in my efforts

I evaluate my thoughts

I move forward

Even if I move forward in small steps I still move forward

My mind allows clarity at all times

Even under immense pressure my mind remains strong

I attract all the help, encouragement and support I need to grow my business

I make wise decisions

I'm in tune with my life's purpose

I live my life in full purpose

I'm a great family member even while working on my life's purpose

My life's purpose continues to unfold before me

My capacity to learn continues to improve day by day

I trust that I'm doing things in the right way and right time for me

I attract all the help and encouragement I need

I live in faith

I forgive myself

I'm worthy of my own forgiveness

I'm worthy divine love and protection

I allow myself to receive that protection

I'm completely and deeply trust myself

Even when I make lots of mistakes I completely and deeply trust myself

Lots of love,


Tanya Ormsby