Episode #47: Energy Flow


This episode we cover:

  1. Getting unstuck

  2. Releasing unhealthy family patterns

  3. How we're guided along 

  4. What happens when we're in alignment versus when we're not

  5. Asking for help

  6. How to stop doubting

  7. Letting go of resentment

Affirmations for this episode:

  1. I'm open to new ideas, experiences and people to enhance my happiness and knowledge

  2. I am lovable even on my worst day

  3. I'm ok without my depression

  4. I'm connected to my body

  5. I easily start and complete all my endeavours

  6. I have integrity

  7. My gift is previous and I share it with integrity

  8. I am motivated

  9. I allow myself to be motivated

  10. Others are safe when I'm motivated

  11. I easily pray and meditate

  12. My prayer and motivation is accepted

  13. I feel the desire to pray and meditate

  14. I'm  physically strong

  15. I physically love myself

  16. I easily keep myself hydrated

  17. I no longer need to prevent bad things from happening

  18. I trust

  19. I'm connected to my body



Tanya Ormsby