Episode #46: Brain Boost


In this episode we cover:

- Helping the brain to function optimally

- Allow the brain to remember and comprehend the things we've learnt

- The amygdala and how it's involved in processing emotions and feelings 

- Releasing the need to live in the fight or flight response

- The limbic system and what it's sensitive to

Plus so much more...tune in to reset your brain.

Affirmations for this episode:

I do a great job for myself and for my family

I trust myself to do a great job

My family can rely on me regardless

I easily stay on my purpose

My brain easily remembers

I can tie importance to what I have to remember

I know what I want

Others are ok if I know

I always am a success even if I may not score perfectly

I release shame in my life 

My success is good for others

I'm comfortable with success

I speak my truth

I easily protect myself

I am wonderful

I believe in myself

Others believe in me

I'm worthy of that belief

I love how my brain works

I accept my gifts

I no longer need to fear

My mind functions optimally even under pressure

My mind allows clarity at all times even under pressure

Even under immense pressure my mind remain strong



Tanya Ormsby