Episode #45: Powerful Partners


In this episode we cover:

Having balance in a relationships 

Being flexible in our relationships

Why it's important to pursue the things that are in our heart

How sometimes we outgrow our partners

Why vulnerability is not a weakness

Affirmations for this episode:

I know when to be strong and I know when to bend

I am safe in my home

I'm safe in my partnership

I'm safe in my marriage

Our bonds are strong enough to hold each other

I allow myself to grow

My mind adapts to situations around me while remaining clear and focused

I use my power with wisdom

I no longer compare myself to others

It's safe to be happy

My partner is ok when I'm happy

I'm ok when my partner's happy

There is compromise

We work together for our highest good

I work calmly and steadily within my limits

My partner has flexibility 

My partner loves, accepts and listens to me even on my worst day

Others are comfortable with what comes out of my mouth

My thoughts are positive and I always express myself truthfully and clearly

I express myself easily and with courage

I acknowledge my unique set of superpowers

I give myself permission to thrive

I give my partner permission to thrive

It's safe for us both to thrive



Tanya Ormsby