Episode #44: Cancer - Friend or Foe?


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In this episode we cover:

- How to look at illness from a different perspective

- Why it's sometimes a wake up call to change 

- Learning to listen to your body 

- How each of us have our own super power 


Affirmations for this episode:

I'm worthy of divine love and protection

I believe in myself

I listen to my spirit

I accept all love and help

I easily digest my life 

I appreciate my own worth

I trust that I am worth

Money and I work well for my highest good

My spirit and I work well together for our highest good

My body easily restores itself to it's original blueprint for perfect health

I thank my body for working so hard to keep me safe

I face my fears

I overcome

I am powerful

Even when I don't feel powerful I am lifted up

I easily maintain healthy body size and image

I easily maintain healthy cells

I grow in wisdom day by day

I love my body

I love my life

I'm grateful for the opportunity to be here on earth

I accept my divine mission

I serve with love

I work calmly and steadily within my own limits

I forgive myself

I forgive those who have done wrong to me

Love is the purpose of my life

I'm in harmony with the universe

I speak my truth

I am worthy of divine love and protection

Books mentioned in this episode:

Feelings Buried Alive Never Die

The Power of Now

The Biology of Belief


Tanya Ormsby