Episode #43: Addiction Flush


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In this episode of The Energy Workz radio show, Tanya discusses addiction and how to deal with it. She tackles addiction in relation to how we face or neglect reality, what it is that one avoids or should avoid and most importantly, finding one’s true purpose in life. Drawing influence from books, influences, and her own experiences, Tanya analyzes the root of addiction and gives valuable advice on how to get rid of it or curb it by finding one’s drive, inspiration and calling.

The show provides useful affirmations for energy healing. Tanya helps the listener to pay attention, to clearly define one’s reality in order to realize and use one’s gifts to provide and help others rather than just try to survive and be comfortable in one’s own addictions. The show helps the listener to get out of the camp of fear, to be open to love and be directed toward spiritual awakening, and ultimately overcome addictions.

Tanya Ormsby