Episode #42: Prosperity In Life


In this episode of The Energy Workz podcast, Tanya discusses prosperity in life, the material and social aspects of it, and how fear, skepticism and uncertainty may block one from fully embracing this prosperity. She advises the listener to trust any crisis because it may help one accomplish something more meaningful, and to ultimately open his or her mind to love and to being loved.

Through her anecdotes, Tanya reconstructs prosperity as having the opportunity to trust what will happen be it in oneโ€™s health, financial situation, relationships, and even future failures. She emphasizes how a perfect day is represented by how concrete our idea of that is, and the more we can determine it, the more likely we can obtain it. She talks about how fear is something we must step into and take responsibility for, to trust in the situation, the people, and ourselves to have the strength to learn from them.

Tanya also tackles the metaphysical aspects of prosperity, and how our lives can be enriched further if we allow ourselves to be led through faith and trust. She gives encouragement by pointing out that letting mishaps and their repercussions fall in a greater unknown and this can be both frightening and amazing, but it allows people to seize more enriching opportunities to learn from experiences, both the good and bad.

Tanya Ormsby