Episode #41: Growing In Love

Episode #41: Growing In Love

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In this episode, Tanya talks about love, how to practice it and helpful tips to channel it to have a better influence on the world. Her goal is to help people in all aspects of relationships, with our families, partners, working people, friends, relatives, next-door neighbours, and anyone really.


By using her own life experiences that lead to certain realizations, Tanya redefines love in terms of acceptance of people while being mindful of abuse, which can take on certain forms. She emphasizes trust, and focusing on certain actions people make rather than the usual judgement of persona.


Tanya also dives into mystical terminology which can help us understand our own actions, and that there are motives backed by either faith or fear. She provides powerful affirmations that can help one to be grounded and to grow in love and faith.

Books mentioned in this episode:

The 5 Love Languages



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