Episode #39: Getting It Done


In this episode we cover:

- Releasing procrastination

- Not waiting for perfection to start

- Getting unstuck

- How self consciousness effects our chakras 

- Often our vision is clouded by our "shoulds"

- Allowing help and support from above

- How our electric system effects our body

Affirmations for this episode:

I'm in my comfort zone

Other's are ok when I'm in my comfort zone

I love myself enough to get it done 

Others love me enough to let me get it done

I trust my gut instinct

I am enough

I know that I am powerful and wholesome force for good

I love myself

I allow others to love me

I'm confident in my ability to make my life work

I easily see the truth

I'm responsible for the love and happiness in my life

I own my responsibility

I'm worthy of divine, love and protection 

It's ok for me to have faith in things I can not see

I clearly see my own divine nature

I'm in harmony with the universe

I allow myself to be in harmony with the universe

I forgive those who do wrong to me

I am very worthy even though others treat me badly

I no longer allow others to treat me badly

I'm extremely worthy even if others badly

I forgive those who have treated me badly

I choose to no longer treat myself badly

I allow myself to be who I really am

I'm connected to my body

I give permission to thrive

I'm worthy to receive financial rewards for my contributions

Money and I work together for our highest good

As I invest in myself the universe rises to meet me

I drink plentiful from the river of prosperity

It's ok for me to tell my story

I clearly see

I grow in wisdom day by day

Deep restorative sleep comes easily

My vision is illuminated by love and gratitude

I no longer fear accomplishing my purpose

I allow myself to accomplish my purpose

I get it done

I allow myself to get it done

Everyone's ok if I get it done

I'll have clarity in the next step when I get it done

I'm on my right path



Tanya Ormsby