Episode #38: The Flow of Life


In this episode we cover:

- Learning to go with the flow

- How to stop resisting  

- Releasing the feeling that we need to control everything  

- Accepting change and imperfection  

- How shame weakens our third chakra  

- Releasing toxic feelings and emotions    

Affirmations for this episode:  

I accept the world as it is  

I'm aware  

I'm aware in every moment  

I'm aware in every moment  

I forgive myself when I'm not aware  

I no longer have to be stuck  

I am flowing   

Prosperity sits well with me   

I appreciate the earth and it's abundance  

I no longer values other's fear over my intuition  

I'm worthy of all that I desire  

I'm ok with what I feel  

I no longer rely on other's opinions of me  

I choose goodness, light and love  

My family or my tribe has my back  

I forgive my family when they fail to have my back  

My family give me the right support  

It's ok for me to forward  

I have the energy to move forward  

I have enough love to move forward  

I accept others the way they are  

Love is everywhere and I allow myself to experience it  

I have a healthy working relationship with my intuition  

There are plenty of resources  

I allow myself to be soothed  

I love and accept myself   

I turn my frustration into power  

Love,   Tanya                  

Tanya Ormsby