Episode #37: The Abundant Life


In this episode we cover:

What does abundance look like to you?

The emotion that weakens our third chakra

Creating balance and healthy relationships with our families, our career, our finances and in all aspects of our lives.

How sometimes we lie to ourselves and live in denial

Being able to express ourselves


Affirmations for this episode:

I allow myself to be abundant

I have enough water to rinse my body clean and allow healthy soul repair and renewal

I make wise decisions

I release the fear and doubt that blocks the way to my creative expression

I feel comfortable to speak freely

I acknowledged my unique set of super powers

I allow myself to be secure

We enjoy helping and supporting each other while remaining balanced and calm.

As I invest in myself the universe invests in me too

Abundance is mine

I am comfortable expressing my authentic self

I'm in harmony with the universe

I am totally calm

I remain grounded at all times

I allow others to grow when they are ready to do so

My boundaries and strong and healthy

I know when to rest and I know when to push myself

I am resilient

I allow myself to be resilient

Everyone's ok even if I'm resilient

It's ok if I don't do everything today

I can protect myself

I can protect myself in all situations

I am balanced in the order and way I get things done

Help is there for me






Tanya Ormsby