Episode #36: Harmony and Balance


In this episode we cover:

- What can we do to keep ourselves in tune with our intuition and higher help

- Why we have a bumpy ride when our life is out of balance

- How we are all have a spark of divinity

- Not seeing ourselves as separate and feeling connected

- Adrenal problems and how it relates to feelings of defeat

- How the nature of our birth or our family impacts the tone and how to reprogram it

- Stomach meridians and our ability to not only digest our food but also digest our life

- Working with our natural life rhythms

- Why our aura contracts and expands

- Teaching our children healthy boundaries

- The importance of listening to our intuition

- Instead of imaging the worst case scenario start imaging the best case scenario

- Allowing our brain and intuition to work together 

- Getting clear on what you want

Affirmations for this episode:

- I trust in the future

- I am aware in every moment

- I'm responsible for the love and happiness in my life

- There is plenty for everyone and me too 

- I trust in love

- I acknowledge my own loveliness

- Love is everywhere and I allow myself to experience it

- My survival is certain

- I give myself permission to thrive

- My brain functions optimally

- I easily cut through any illusion



Tanya Ormsby