Episode #33: Peace Beyond Measure


In this episode we cover:

  • Feeling peace in our hearts regardless of what's going on around us

  • How not to live in fight flight mode

  • Why we're not suppose to be equal but we're suppose to be different

  • Why you don't need to be a replica of someone else

  • Releasing trauma from our timeline

Affirmations for this episode:

  • I allow myself to calm

  • I use my power with wisdom

  • I trust my gut instinct

  • I no longer compare myself to others

  • I'm worthy of love kindness and respect regardless of what I've done

  • Others are worthy of love kindness and respect regardless of what I've done

  • I am able to respect others even they've done the wrong thing by me

  • I'm confident in my ability to make my life work

  • I am lovable

  • I am forgivable

  • I am able to fully love without fear of rejection

  • I am able to love even with rejection

  • Love is everywhere and I allow myself to experience and receive it

  • I release my fears and replace them with faith

  • I easily maintain healthy body size and image

  • I'm willing to open my vision of the future to divine assistance

  • I easily support others without hidden motives

  • Help is here as I'm ready to learn

  • I am unique

  • My teachers want to and are able to present my lessons to me that I easily understand

  • I am filled with light

  • I allow and encourage others to shine around me

  • All can shine

  • I attract all the help and encouragement I need

  • I live in faith

  • I connect easily to my spirit

  • My brain functions optimally

  • I make wise decisions

  • I do things in the right way and time for me

  • I easily forgive and forget past offenses while keeping healthy boundaries

  • I easily maintain my healthy boundaries regardless of who is in need

  • I easily maintain my thriving business while protecting my boundaries

  • I allow others to be responsible for themselves

  • I'm able to enjoy all emotions and give them room for expression

  • I'm safe with my emotions

  • I allow myself to allow my own time commitments

  • The earth has plenty and some to spare

  • I'm worthy of all that I desire

  • I remain grounded at all times

  • I acknowledge my own power and use it for my highest good and those around me

  • I no longer need to go into exhaustion before I give myself a rest

  • I speak my truth

  • It's ok to sing my life song

  • I have the right to be heard

  • I express myself easily and with courage

  • I'm peaceful and balanced while wielding my power

  • I'm able to harness my will power to control influences in my life

  • Everything I do is an expression of love



Tanya Ormsby