Episode #32 - Finding Your Voice


In this episode we cover:

- Following your inspiration

- Knowing that the universe supports you

- Feeling worthy of prosperity and abundance

- Taking steps towards your goal and purpose (even if they’re baby steps)

- Listening and tuning into our intuition

Affirmations for this episode:

- My voice is worthwhile. 

- I am worthwhile.

- My family is worthwhile. 

- I have friends who love and support me. 

- I allow my friends to love and support me

- I acknowledge my own power and use it for my highest good and those around me. 

- I have patience with myself and others.  

- I'm able to enjoy all the emotions and give them room for expression  

- I focus clearly on what is my highest priority each day  

- I have faith in my ability to see what needs to be done on a daily basis. 

- My mind allows clarity at all times. 

- Even under immense pressure my mind remains strong. 

- I choose to be peaceful, yet work with full purpose in mind  

- I'm responsible for love and happiness in my life. 

- I no longer over commit myself.  

- Following inspiration is comfortable and natural for me 

- Money is my friend 

- I am my own friend 

- I'm worthy of all that I desire for myself and for my family

- I no longer fear rejection.  

- Even if lots of people reject me, I still feel my purpose.  

- I trust my intuition. 

- I easily see the truth. 

- I am safe.  

- I release my fears and replace them with faith. 

- I give myself permission to thrive.  

- My vision is illuminated by gratitude and love. 

- I'm comfortable with responsibility.  

- I act on the choices that I make.

- I'm able to see past my weaknesses and allow them to become my strengths  

- I have an equal exchange of energy with those I serve  

- We're there supporting each other regardless of past histories

- As I invest in myself the universe invests in me too.

- I love and trust my creative gifts.

- I feel comfortable to speak freely.  

- I acknowledged my unique set of superpowers  

- I give myself permission to thrive

- I easily maintain healthy body size and image.

- I easily eliminate all that no longer serve me

Lots of love,


Tanya Ormsby